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 Welcome to Camille’s Place- Congress of Black Women (Miss) Non-Profit Housing Inc. We are happy that you’ve chosen to make Camille’s Place your home.


The Corporation was formed in Mississauga in 1994 by a group of committed volunteers who wanted to ensure that there was good quality, affordable housing in the community. Camille’s Place opened in October 1996.

The concept of the Congress of Black Women Non-Profit Housing has its underpinning in a survey that was financed with a small grant from the Peel District Health Council.

Results from the survey revealed that most of the women who remained in their abusive situations did so because they had no secure place to which they could retreat and call home. This revelation was the motivation that propelled a group of six women who spearheaded the application for funding to erect a building where abused women could seek refuge from abusive relationships to which they were confined.

In September of 1996, construction was completed on an 82-unit apartment building in which a number of securely-designed units were made available for women who sought to escape from abusive relationships.


Camille’s Place housed families, couples and single residents. Tenants either pay market or rent that is geared to their income (RGI) in the ratio of 50:50. We encourage all tenants to take pride and ownership of Camille’s Place.

We are required to follow provincial and municipal law when operating our organization. Our organization is overseen by a Board of Directors.

Camille’s Place is a well-maintained non-profit building. Our annual operating expenses are paid through rent from tenants and subsidies from the municipal government.

Camille’s Place is committed to environmental sustainability in which our tenants play an important role. More information is available on page 32.

Tel:   (905) 819-8880
Fax:  (905) 819-0189
Address: 4983 Rathkeale Rd.
Mississauga, ON L5V 2B3

Unit Options:

1 Bedroom Unit: No Vacancy100%
2 Bedroom Unit: No Vacancy100%
3 Bedroom Unit: No Vacancy100%

Camilles's Place Community

Camille’s Place is a non-profit corporation. We provide affordable housing to our tenants, which are paid through rent from tenants and subsidies from the government. 

Senior'S Club

The purpose of this website is to provide information about the Camille's Place, its policies, operations, and mission as part an overall communication strategy for all of our Tenant.

Summer Camp Programs

The  mission of Camille's Place Non-Profit Housing is to help meet the housing stortage in the Region of Peel, through the provision of a well-maintained and affordable housing.

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