Moving In

Your Property Manager and Superintendent will arrange a move-in day for you.

Pre-move in Inspection

When you pick up your keys, the superintendent will do an inspection of your new home with you. Any problems with the unit will be written down on the inspection report and you will receive a copy of the report to keep for your own records. We also recommend taking digital photos of any minor damage to your unit, for your own records. We will conduct another inspection when you move out of the unit to compare wear and damage.



Leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbor or friend is the best way to avoid being locked out of your home. If you are locked out of your apartment. A fee will be charged to let you back into your unit. Wheather or not it is during evenings or night you will need to contact our locksmith and pay directly the contractor.  Emergency response staff can provide you with the telephone number.

Please note that our policy is to provide one key fob to each the registered occupants of the unit over the age of 12 years old.

Locks and Keys

Before you move in, the building will install a new lock on your door. You will receive a key for your unit and your mailbox plus a fob for the front door of the building, the garage (if applicable) and the laundry room. If you lose any of these keys or fob, Cam1lle’s Place will charge for the replacement.

If you want to change your lock, we can do this for you. A fee will be charged to cover the cost of staff time and the cost of a new cylinder. If you choose to add an extra lock (keyed to our master system at your own cost) you must notify the superintendent and provide him or her with a key so that s/he can enter your unit if there is an emergency or if conducting pre-arranged maintenance while you are not at home.

Booking the Elevator

Once you’ve agreed to a move-in date, contact the superintendent at your building to make sure that s/he can book elevator time for you. When you are finished moving, please inform the superintendent.

Disposing of Moving Boxes

Cardboard boxes must be broken down and tied in bundles, contact the superintendent for instructions on how and where to dispose of them. Do not leave them in the garbage rooms!

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